Celebrating over 60 years of continued growth and progression, Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED) is a full-service electrical distributor with over 700 locations across the nation. Known for enhancing productivity since 1957, our name has become synonymous with excellence, due to our core values of Service, Integrity and Reliability.

When CED was initially launched, we focused our attention on meeting our customer’s needs and have continued to fulfill that obligation for these many years. Not only are we a company that demonstrates a commitment to giving the best service to our customers, but the driving force of our company is standing behind our products. Whether it involves delivery, project management, construction, energy efficiency, lighting or overall expertise, our reputation depends on our being true to our word.

Empowered by the philosophy of “Service, Integrity and Reliability” we are fully focused on supporting our customer’s needs and faithfully strive to be much more than the average distributor. Although we have reached the status of being one of the nation’s largest electrical distributors we have never veered from our steadfast philosophy, which is making sure our customers receive the personal attention they deserve. Based on our business philosophy, our customers always receive the expertise, the know-how and the products that are second to none.

As a financially strong, privately held company, we are very proud of our track record, which is founded on providing superior services. To that end, we always remain current with today’s ideas, but more important, we are committed to keeping you ahead of tomorrow’s technologies. With CED locations positioned from coast to coast, we can uniquely offer an array of advanced solutions, provide products that meet the highest standards and address and resolve any electrical challenge.

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