Lighting Construction Services

Plan Review and Verification
From take offs to code compliance checks, CED’s Lighting Certified professionals can go over your plans with you in depth to start preparing the best solution possible.

Competitive All-inclusive Pricing Quotes
Utilizing CEDs long history of buying power, we will make sure to get you the best pricing possible tailored to your exact needs. One price for your bill of material that can be used regardless of market or location!

Inventory Support
Utilizing customer inventory stocking and kitting, creation of construction schedules, and packaging full lighting BOM into consolidated pallets based on customer needs, CED will ensure 100% fill rate for all of your new locations.

Project Management
CED will coordinate with field personnel and manufacturers to ensure a seamless construction process for your lighting, and on time delivery management means less headaches for your installers.

Rollout Initiatives
With CED stocking multiple stores worth of material for ongoing and upcoming projects, you can expect zero lead time deliveries. CED’s project management team will coordinate with your GCs or ECs to ensure your lighting package arrives and is installed per your spec.

Complete Project Documentation
From submittals to technical support documents, design guides and install sheets, CED will make sure your team and the install partner has everything they need to make the lighting install run smoothly and look great.

Turnkey Solutions

Want to know the cost of a full energy retrofit, both material and install? CED National Accounts will partner with one of our many lighting installers and service providers to give you a one stop shop and single point of contact for all your lighting upgrade needs.

With CED National Accounts and our Install Partners, the customer can expect outstanding service in many important aspects of the lighting retrofit process:

  • Investment Level Energy Audits
  • Real Time Project Management
  • Customized Reporting
  • One Installation Contact for the entire country
  • Material Storage and Logistic Services
  • Certified Removal and Recycling of old lighting
  • Incentive and Rebate administration and support
  • End of Project Commissioning
  • And much more!
Let CED National accounts create a custom program specific to your needs in the lighting world.