Since 2011, CED National Accounts has been bringing value to our clients and their lighting needs. Focusing primarily on lighting design, energy efficiency, and project savings, CED National Accounts has become a valuable partner for hundreds of owners, architects and general contractors. With 6 locations spread strategically across the country, we are guaranteed to have a location nearby that can service your needs with efficiency and accuracy. On staff product experts, designers, project managers, and personal sales managers will take care of every step along the way, to make sure your lighting needs become reality.

The CED National Accounts team is always growing, with now 10 outside sales men and women who will be your point of contact, over 40 project managers that handle the day to day operations for your account, excellent warehouse teams that take care of labeling, kitting, and storing each project’s bill of material until it is ready for delivery to the job site, and dedicated new business development managers that help create the perfect design and implementation plan for your needs.  Our team is also the proud home of Lighting Certified (LC) individuals who will be able to utilize their in-depth knowledge of lighting and design to help ensure your design intent is met every time. 

Our strategy is simple – take care of our customers. Over the years, we have learned new ways to do this effectively, but also know that every customer is different. Our goal is to find the solution that fits your needs and implement it.  We also know that building in locations across the country can cause pricing to fluctuate, even if the bill of material is the same.  By purchasing through CED National Accounts, we help guarantee that the subtotal for each bill of material will be the same, no matter the end location.


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